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Descripcion : Este es un MOD del Guitar Hero 2, con nuevos temas y algunos cambios. Lista de canciones. 1. Rock n Roll High School Shout at the Devil Woman Metal Health (Bang your Head) No One Like You Tonight Im Gonna Rock you Tonight 2. Los viejos rockeros nunca mueren Strutter Hush Radar Love You Really Got Me 18 and Life 3. Sábado noche, Domingo mañana Life Wasted Shakin Search and Destroy Nothin but a Good Time Warpigs 4. Por un puñado de riffs Holy Diver Godzilla Billion Dollar Babies I Wanna Rock Sweet Child OMine 5. Forjando la leyenda Killing in The Name Higher Ground Stop! Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo Last Child 6. La noche de los rockeros vivientes Hold on Loosely Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart Rock This Town Dead! Cant You Hear Me Knocking 7. Arockalipsis Now Turning Japanese Carry Me Home Ballroom Blitz Psychobilly Freakout YYZ 8. 2001: A Space Rock Odissey The Trooper Electric Eye Misilou Play With Me Freebird Show must go on!: What I Like About You Girlfriend Cherry Pie I Ran (So Far Away) Crazy On You Carry On Wayward Son Heat Of The Moment Heart-Shaped Box Surrender Less Talk More Rokk Sharp Dressed Man Round And Round Jessica Because Its Midnite Them Bones Lonely Is The Night Tattoed Love Boys No One Knows Wrathchild Seventeen Crossroads Spanish Castle Magic Frankenstein The Beast And The Harlot Idioma : Español Discos : 1 Genero: Musical Norma Video : PAL / NTSC